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Zoom’s automatic closed captioning will be available to everyone in the fall

Zoom App

Closed captions will soon be widely used on Zoom. The video conferencing application has announced that it will strive to provide automatically closed captioning to all users by the fall of 2021.

Currently, the built-in AI-driven features are locked behind the paywall and can only be accessed by paid account holders—each license of Zoom subscription costs at least $150 per year. Everyone else must provide their own titles by typing in titles or using third-party services.

Zoom App
Zoom App

To help free account holders who need the real-time transcription (such as account holders with hearing impairments), Zoom accepts requests for automatic closed captioning until the fall of the feature. Interested users will have to fill out a form with the following instructions:

“This form is for users who need real-time transcription to better participate in Zoom meetings. If you don’t need the real-time transcription feature, we recommend that you wait until the fall of 2021, and the feature will be available to all free Zoom users.”

According to the company’s closed captioning FAQ, the host can enable this feature and all participants can view the transcription. However, at the moment it only supports English, and like any other real-time transcription tool, users will have to speak clearly, otherwise, they will definitely make mistakes.

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