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Zoom video chat will not be a free feature for scaling Full encryption

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The full encryption of Zoom video chat will not be a free feature, but there may be exceptions to the video conferencing service, so non-profit organizations can obtain end-to-end encryption without paying.

Zoom is working on end-to-end encryption to protect the privacy of its increasingly popular zoom video chat service, but the company will make it an advanced feature unavailable to free accounts.

Zoom’s security consultant, Yahoo’s former chief security officer Alex Stamos, told Reuters that the company may include exceptions such as nonprofit organizations or political dissidents.

Zoom Accounts

Zoom encrypts the connection between the company ’s servers and the personnel devices that use its services. However, end-to-end encryption ensures the security of all connections from every device to every other device in the call. It is available in some Zoom replacement products, such as Apple FacetTime.

The company’s business has proliferated due to the coronavirus pandemic and has led to an increase in the demand for staying at home for online work and personal videoconferencing. However, increasing scrutiny has revealed some Zoom security issues, and earlier Zoom boasted the fact that end-to-end encryption is unfounded.

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Zoom’s end-to-end encryption method “is doing a lot of work-from our draft password design just released last week to our continuous discussion about which customers are suitable for, in this regard.” Statement.

Zoom said in this week’s blog that end-to-end encryption will only work for paid accounts. Even without using this protection, Zoom still transfers all its users to stronger encryption, using GCM’s 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) or Galois / Counter Mode.

Zoom 5.0 added GCM encryption as an option in April, but on Saturday, anyone must join the Zoom meeting to improve security, which is mandatory. On the contrary, according to Citizen Lab’s security researchers, the earlier Zoom method was a “bad idea”, and they discovered some of the disadvantages of the earlier Zoom.

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