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Zoom is over this morning, so here’s how to start Google Meat Call

Galaxy S20 and Google Due

During the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, videoconferencing became more popular than ever. Switched to zoom-to-service groups for video calling, but on the morning of May 17, the service was heavily damaged, falling to customers worldwide. Here’s how to get started with Google Meets call while we wait to fix things.

Twitter and their own status issues have been confirmed by the dashboard, with Zoom validating its service to a “limited subset of users” this morning. Some customers trying to join the call face past problems of the “waiting room”, while others have audio and video problems. For obvious reasons, this morning was very frustrating.

Galaxy S20 and Google Due

If you’re one of the many users when zooming in, you’ll want to give Google Meat a shot. The service was recently free and saw a lot of updates to the last few matches in the great feature set of Zoom Weeks. Google Meet now shows a gallery view of everyone associated with the call.

For a long time, the Google Meat Payment Service was only available to G Suite customers, but now it’s available to everyone who has a Gmail account. As long as you have a Google Account, you can run a 60-minute call for free with a group of people. Here’s how it works.

First, the host of the meeting should go to meet.google.com. Next, click Startup Meeting. From that screen, you’ll see a link to “Join Now” to join the call. Copy that link and send it to participants. After hitting Join Now, the link will also pop up. You can view this process step-by-step in the GIF below.

Once the call is in progress, anyone with that link and a Gmail account is free to join and use the service, similar to Zoom. Attendees can easily connect to Google Chrome or any other desktop browser, but those who connect to Android, iPhone, or iPad must download the Google Meat App.

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