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Zoom events will try to recreate the in-person conference experience

How to Zoom Mute or Onmute

Zoom is today announcing an extended live event product that is launching this summer. Zoom Events builds on Zoom’s previous paid event marketplace layering features on OnZoom that can support non-video activities such as large multi-day events and chat.

Zoom says it is still building Zoom events leading up to its launch, but as it stands, it is both a rebranding of the more small-business-focused On-zoom, with new features that add to Zoom’s original, pre- Pandemic serves customers, venture companies. 

Like OnZoom, with a paid Zoom Meetings or Zoom webinar license, you will be able to host live events, organize them at the hub, sell tickets, and track statistics such as ticket sales or attendance.


Zoom’s main way of improving the experience for large organizations is to make Zoom events more suited to conferences or large group meetings that can be divided into multiple sessions.

For example, if you were hosting a developer conference like Google I / O, you might have a main event page for your entire conference, with a schedule of separate sessions to be held in the coming day and week.

A Zoom spokesperson told The Verge that event pages will also be able to facilitate video event previews.

Zoom video chat will not be a free feature for scaling Full encryption is also adding access to text chat in locations outside a specific video call. If you show up at an event before the live video starts or continues after, you’ll be able to see who’s in the event lobby, participate in a group chat channel, and exchange contact information – Provides.

It’s not a replacement for getting cocktails at a large conference, and it’s not something immersive like Skittish, who attends in a 3D space with proximity-based audio. But at least, There is a small development known as Zoom.

Zoom was not able to share details about whether it would charge commissions on paid events or what payment methods users would be able to accept, but OnZoom accepts ticket purchases with PayPal and credit cards, so it seems that Zoom events will at least do the same.

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