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YouTube’s iOS app will finally support picture-in-picture

iOS app

Picture-in-picture (PiP) is now available in the YouTube iOS app for iPhones and iPads. YouTube will soon offer the viewer to all its Premium subscribers, and the company says it will make PiP available for all iOS users in the U.S.

YouTube Premium members can now view YouTube videos in a mini player while the rest of their mobile device isn’t running the YouTube app. “We’re rolling out the feature to all US iOS users starting next month,” a YouTube spokesperson said.

PiP was first introduced to iPhones with iOS 14 last year. YouTube had been holding out on iOS until it changed its heart, as first reported by MacRumors, although video streaming apps like Netflix, Twitch, and Amazon Prime Video already support the feature. Despite supporting PiP on Android since 2018, YouTube had not enabled PiP by default on its iOS app.

iOS app
iOS app

YouTube can be viewed through PiP by some iOS users. YouTube mobile website can sometimes work and some people may be able to access it via Shortcuts. Eventually, those workarounds won’t be needed, but YouTube has not yet revealed when this will happen.

YouTube app PiP support has long been overdue, and it’s good news that it isn’t just for Premium members, at least in the United States. My personal favorite part of watching Overwatch League games is being able to read reactions on Twitter while watching the chaotic matches on a mini player.

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