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YouTuber Jake Paul being investigated for driving on a protected Puerto Rico beach

Jake Paul

According to the New York Post, Puerto Rican officials are reportedly investigating an incident involving YouTube star Jake Paul, which was watched from a vehicle on a beach in a turtle nesting area at this time of year. Of the video that has now has deleted.

In a statement (h/t TMZ), Minister of Natural and Environmental Resources Rafael Marchargo said:

“I have ordered an investigation to determine the circumstances surrounding the use of two cars on the beaches of Puerto Rico “Some media released a video today in which the influential Jake Paul was in a car on the beach. This activity is prohibited except for law enforcement agencies.

“Although the video has not been determined where or when it will take place, DNER reminds citizens that such activities are prohibited by law to protect the environment and species that may nest or live on the beach. Those who violate the law will face fines and other penalties. (If applicable).”

Jake Paul
Jake Paul

Paul’s situation in Puerto Rico does not seem to be the case; according to TMZ, Paul does not know the nesting turtles and therefore plans to cooperate with the authorities.

The back-and-forth communication between social media influencers looking for the perfect outdoor photo or video and followers concerned about the unfavorable nature of the environment has been going on for many years.

Some famous tourist attractions try to convince influential people not to geotag their photos, lest followers try to retake pictures and trample on fragile ecosystems.

Jake participated in the 2019 Bird Box Challenge and was blindfolded for 24 hours while watching the video, and later prompted YouTube to ban creators from showing “dangerous challenges and pranks” in the video.

Last year, the police in Scottsdale, Arizona, accused Jake Paul of crime and illegal assembly when he saw him on a videotape in a shopping mall.

According to some media reports: Paul and his brother Logan, maybe a vehicle in the video, is known for performing regular stunts. Logan was widely criticized and apologized for this video shows the body of a man who died by suicide.

This video was recorded about George Floyd when he has ransacked by the wave of protest against his death.

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