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YouTube reports 50 million subscribers to its Premium and Music services


In December 2020, Google reported 30 million subscribers to YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Now, it boasts 50 million users using YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. Despite the increasing competition in this market, there seems to be a continued trend of people choosing to upgrade to a paid version of YouTube and YouTube Music.

YouTube Music has 50 million subscribers, but Google doesn’t break that down any further, so we don’t know how many of them use the free trial to test out YouTube Premium. YouTube, however, is referred to as the fastest-growing music subscription service in the blog post.

According to Variety, Google’s streaming numbers are quite impressive. Spotify reports that it has about 165 million subscribers, and Apple Music has 78 million subscribers, according to the Financial Times.It has now passed 60 million subscribers (the last official announcement was in June 2019)..)

Users can both download and listen to ad-free music with YouTube Music Premium. A monthly subscription to YouTube Premium costs $11.99 and enables subscribers to enjoy all of YouTube Music’s features, as well as download and watch regular videos ad-free.


You can also play videos in the background when you’re using another app or your phone is locked for premium subscribers. This would be a much better experience for those who spend a lot of time on the platform watching non-musical content.

There’s no word from Google about what caused the growth of 20 million subscribers, but that number was reported just around the time Google was shutting down its Play Music service last year. There is no way to tell how many people were subscribed to it, but Google Play and YouTube Music together have reportedly been around 15 million in 2019.

Google may not be able to understand the full ramifications of this without understanding the breakdown. Do you think more people would be interested in background videos without ads, or were they also looking for an alternative to Spotify or Apple Music?

It’s apparent more people are at least interested in YouTube’s paid offerings when they take a step back. If Google is any indication, there is still room for growth in the video and audio streaming services market despite frequent (and certainly justified) complaints.

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