YouTube․ com can now be installed as a progressive web Application

Today, a few Google services can be used as progressive web applications. Following music and TV, the main YouTube site can now be installed as a PWA for fast dedicated access.

Progressive web application support for has been added in the past few days. In the Chrome browser, the plus-circle icon of Narrator is directly displayed in the Omnibox and prompts the user to “install the app.”

This is different from the browser’s manual overflow menu “install” option, which has been used for a long time.

youtube baseread

After that, you will see a large red play logo in the app launcher to open YouTube in a window lacking the address bar and other UI elements for a dedicated experience.

The shelf is fixed (for example on Chrome OS) for immediate access to the content being played.

This function of installing the main site combines the PWA of YouTube Music (October 2019) and YouTube TV (January 2020) to form a complete family. Meanwhile, other Google websites include:

  • Google Stadia is now fully playable on iOS via a dedicated web app
  • Duo launched network group calls for up to 32 people and added online PWA
  • Introduce a progressive web application to replace the Electron client chat room
  • Drive can now be used as a progressive web application
  • Google Photos can now be used as a progressive web application

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