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You can now order the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID without having to buy an iMac

Magic Keyboard

Earlier this month, Apple officially released its Touch ID Magic Keyboard to the public for purchase. It begins at $149 for the standard model and $179 for a full-sized model with a Numpad, as reported by MacRumors.

A Touch ID Magic keyboard was introduced with the M1 iMac earlier this year, but it was only available when you bought a new computer. The new models come in Apple’s usual white/aluminum color scheme instead of the more colorful ones that come with the brightly colored iMacs.

To make sure that your accessories match, Apple is also offering the updated Magic Trackpad for $129, which has rounded corners that complement the curved corners of the keyboard.

Apple hasn’t taken advantage of the standalone release to switch to more standard cables: both the trackpad and keyboard use Lightning ports for charging, and both include a woven Lightning to USB-C cable.

The Touch ID Magic keyboards that come with the Standalone M1 Mac still support only M1 Macs – including the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and current iMac models.

Because the only M1 Mac Mini does not feature some form of Touch ID security out of the box, the newly available standalone keyboard is particularly useful for owners of that computer.

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