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You can now embed Pinterest pins in Microsoft Word and OneNote


Microsoft now allows Word for Web and OneNote users to embed Pinterest Pins into their documents. The new feature allows Pinterest users to paste the URL of any Pin into a OneNote page or Word document to present it as interactive content. This adds a new way to create pages, sections, or notebooks full of Pinterest content in OneNote.

Embedded content can also be used in Word, but is currently only available on the Web version. You can embed Pinterest content into a Word document online, and the content will be displayed when you open the document on the mobile or web version of Word.

Microsoft is launching this new feature for schools and students, especially OneNote embedded for Pinterest. “In the past few years, we have heard many requests to integrate Pinterest with OneNote,” explains Mike Tholfsen, product manager of the Microsoft Education team.

Pinterest Embed Pin
Pinterest Embed Pin

Pinterest support for Word and OneNote is similarly integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft built support for Pinterest directly in the new Collections feature inside Edge last year, allowing Pinterest users to export these collections of links, images, and text directly to Pinterest.

According to reports, Microsoft recently tried to acquire Pinterest. The British “Financial Times” reported earlier this month that the software maker had contacted Pinterest on a transaction in recent months, but negotiations are currently not active.

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