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Yelp Business makes it easier to support Asian-owned businesses

Yelp Business Chief Diversity Officer Miriam Warren announced today that Yelp Business is launching a new tool that will give companies the option to identify themselves as Asian-owned. The new optional attributes will make it easier for Yelp users to find and support Asian-owned businesses.

Business owners will be allowed to edit their existing listings on Yelp and choose to indicate that they are attributes of Asian businesses. This feature will be available when the business owner logs into their Yelp for Business account.

Yelp Business
Yelp Business

After enabling, users who filter by “Asian owned” restaurants will find a list of businesses that have selected this attribute by themselves near their location. Yelp business has previously demonstrated similar attributes for companies, such as the option to be owned by blacks or women-owned.

This does raise concerns that racists may use Yelp to single out companies for personal attacks and harassment. We have asked the company to comment on this possibility. However, this is an opt-in label, so unless they feel comfortable, companies don’t have to label it as Asian-owned.

If all goes well, this move can help your favorite business resist abuse and pandemic restrictions until both disappear.

Yelp pointed out that the new attribution is optional because self-identification should only be undertaken by the business owner.

The new property is now available, and business owners who wish to add it to the Yelp list can find instructions on how to do it on Yelp’s blog. For those who wish to support these businesses, you can select all attributions in Asia in the Yelp search query.

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