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Yahoo Answers will be permanently closed on May 4

Yahoo Answers, one of the longest-running and most famous online question and answer platforms in Internet history, will be closed on May 4. The Yahoo Answers website will begin to redirect to the Yahoo homepage that day, and all archives of the platform will obviously no longer exist. The platform has been running since 2005.

The news was posted on the Yahoo Answers page, which stated that submissions to the site will end on April 20. This means that users must say goodbye to the community that has been operating since 2005.

Yahoo was acquired by VerizonMedia Group for $5 billion in 2017. Yahoo said that the decline in popularity is one of the reasons why Yahoo abandoned its “answer” page. Since the debut of Yahoo Answers, sites like Reddit have exploded, allowing users to openly ask any question they like on the Internet and expect a large number of answers.

Yahoo Answer
Yahoo Answer

The company will start to deactivate the platform on April 20. At that time it plans to stop accepting new submissions. After May 4th, you must download the archive of the content posted on the website by June 30th.

After all the content is said, the Yahoo Answers webpage will be redirected to the Yahoo homepage. You might think that the company’s decision to shut down the site was due to a decline in usage statistics.

The company said in a letter to users: “Although Yahoo Answers used to be a key part of Yahoo’s products and services, due to changes in the needs of our members, Yahoo Answers has become less popular over the years.” To this end, we decided to shift resources from Yahoo Answers to focus on products that can better serve our members, and fulfill Yahoo’s commitment to provide quality and credible content.”

As for what you can attribute to this decline, part of the problem is that Google includes its own Q&A section. When it comes to most questions, the company’s search engine provides a widget that allows you to get answers quickly without navigating to another website.

Visiting the Yahoo Answers homepage provides another possible reason. In recent years, the quality of posts has declined, and posts created by trolls have played the biggest role.

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