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Xperia 5 II maybe Sony’s first 120Hz Screen Phone

sony-xperia-5-ii Design

Veteran leaker Evan Blass has posted a render of the apparent Sony Xperia 5 II on his Patreon account, revealing a phone that appears very like the Xperia 5 released last year.  Have a look at the picture below. 

The Sony Xperia 1 II might be the firm’s greatest flagship phone in years, building on the Xperia 1 with sensible upgrades throughout the board.  Luckily, it looks like the Xperia 5 could receive this same treatment also.

sony xperia 5 II

 The picture shows a phone with triple back cameras once more and what seems to be a 21:9 screen using a bezel upward top.  One noteworthy change can be viewed on the ideal border of the screen though, as we’ve got a volume rocker, a fingerprint scanner, and two extra buttons near the base of the phone.  

The design would mirror the Xperia 1 II by restoring the 3.5mm headphone jack sprinkled on the original Xperia 5.  Sony is betting on wired audio being a selling point in an era when many manufacturers want you to be pleased with a dongle.

You’d otherwise get a lot of the same functionality as the more expensive apparatus, and that’s not necessarily a terrible thing. 

You’d have three 12MP cameras for primary, ultra-wide, and 3X telephoto shots, together with Zeiss lenses and 4K 120FPS video recording.

sony-xperia-5-ii Design

You’d also get a Snapdragon 865 chip, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of expandable storage, and 5G support. Regardless of the time of this escape, the Xperia 5 II would not arrive at IFA.

Instead, Sony is reportedly aiming for a September 17th debut.  The principal question is the cost.  It is likely to cost less than its $1,200 counterpart, but it’s not sure by how much.

That gap could be crucial if 120Hz service is relatively trivial in mobiles such as the Galaxy S20.  Sony is arriving half a year after and may face stiff resistance when the tech is no more a novelty.

It looks like the fingerprint scanner doubles as a power button to the brand new phone, while one of the extra buttons is probably a camera shutter key.

However, what about another button?  It’s way too far down the phone to get our liking for a power switch, although I would not put it past Sony to do so.

Hopefully, it’s a remappable shortcut key or another camera-related key rather.   We don’t have any other details associated with this Sony Xperia 5 II, but its predecessor has been smaller compared to Xperia 1.

So this model may be smaller compared to Xperia 1 II as well.  Sony also attracted the 3.5mm port back on its first 2020 flagship, so we’d expect the Japanese company to do the same for the upcoming device. 

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