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Xiaomi’s remote wireless charging function can power mobile phones throughout the room

Xiaomi power baseread

Inductive wireless charging that works through pads and coils is still not available anywhere or on every device, but XDA pointed out that Xiaomi is taking the next step: remote wireless charging.

Contactless “real” wireless charging can power devices a few meters away, and Xiaomi is touting its method called “Mi Air Charge Technology”.

Xiaomi power baseread

We have seen remote wireless charging devices before, including the Energous WattUp method, and we were awarded the CES Best Product Award in 2015. But they are not yet on the market, although Xiaomi has not been talking about any details before the release date.

Or compatible hardware, show a demo and talk about the 17 patents it holds more than we have seen from other mobile phone manufacturers.

Mi Air Charge Technology is a 5W charging system-imagine the small charger that Apple used to use for the iPhone, or the slower Wireless Qi charging-use 144 antennas in the base station to send millimeter-wide waves to your phone, and then It receives its own 14-antenna array.

Xiaomi claims that its technology is “not science fiction” and that it will eventually charge multiple devices at once, pass physical objects and power various small electronic devices around the room, from smartwatches to speakers.

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