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Xiaomi says 200W can fully charge the phone in 8 minutes


Chinese company Xiaomi recently demonstrated its latest fast charging technology, which has now set a new world record for charging speeds both wirelessly and with wires.

Mi says the revised Mi 11 Pro has a 4,000mAh battery that can respond to a wired “hypercharge” system in 8 minutes or a 120W wireless charging system in 15 minutes.

Xiaomi says 200W can fully charge the phone in 8 minutes

Companies developing Chinese smartphones have a constant battle with charging speed, with many showing off their successes, which may or may not be reflected in their final products.

According to Xiaomi, the 100W system could charge a 4,000mAh battery in 17 minutes two years ago, while the 3,500mAh battery of last year’s Mi 10 Ultra took 23 minutes to charge with 120W – despite its large battery capacity of 4,500mAh.

OnePlus’ dash and warp fast-charging systems are based on Oppo’s VOOC technology, another leader in this area. Despite Xiaomi’s promised 100W charging system announcement more than a year ago, and its excellent current flagship, the X3 Pro, the system “only” charges an impressive 4,000mAh in 20 minutes.

The latest video from Xiaomi can be found here:

Xiaomi says 200W can fully charge the phone in 8 minutes

This would certainly be a welcome step forward. It is interesting to think that a phone could be charged fully in just eight minutes.

There is however a catch, as these fast-charging devices require proprietary chargers and cables. As a result, they’re mostly used at home instead of during emergencies where they would be most useful.

In the future, the power that any phone has to last through the day will remain more important than anything else.

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