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Xiaomi MI TV LUX 65-inch OLED smart TV announced as flagship TV


Xiaomi has set foot in smart TV games. We are not surprised. We only need to pay attention to regular announcements. You may miss some news because Xiaomi is a prolific brand. Since then, it has developed into a lifestyle brand. This is not just a popular OEM.

It is also famous for its many household products. The last smart home device that Xiaomi can add to the home is the MI TV LUX 65-inch OLED. This is a high-end smart TV equipped with a large 65-inch OLED screen, with a 38.3% P3 chromatogram, Delta E <1.5 color accuracy, and supports Dolby Vision and AI Master Smart Engine.

OLED TV also has 65W, 3D spatial sound system, and Dolby Atmos technology provides excellent audio from 9 speaker units. The monitor has a variable refresh rate of 40Hz to 120Hz, automatic low-latency mode (ALLM), and HDMI 2.1 standard output, making it ideal for gaming.

This model is Xiaomi’s first flagship product, so it is very high-quality. The ultra-high-end TV also provides excellent high contrast, 82.9 million sub-pixels, true 10-bit color depth display, as low as 1.5 Delta E and 1.07 billion different colors.


AI Master automatic image quality adjustment using dynamic HDR provides high detail. Other technical specifications include MPU 9650 intelligent processor, more than 20 image quality algorithms, MTK chip, HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, and dynamic HDR.

Some of the obvious advantages of Xiaomi MI TV LUX 65 OLED include “no-jam and low-latency image quality” to provide an “ultra-smooth viewing experience”.

OLED displays use anti-blue light materials. This results in low blue light emission. In the wavelength range of 460-480mm, the material will emit harmless light.

Xiaomi Mi TV Lux 65-inch OLED also has an Always-On Display on the OLED panel. It can display different information such as time, weather, personal signature, or the status of other smart home devices.

The TV is now available in China at a price of RMB 12,999. In the United States, it is about $1,840. Items are sold on the official Xiaomi channel.

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