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Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera Leak Exposed

Mi Home Security Camera

The smart home is a major business of Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera in addition to mobile phones, but a major privacy loophole has recently appeared. Some users have posted on a foreign forum Reddit that the newly purchased Mijia 1080P webcam is connecting to the Google Home Hub display.

At times, pictures of strangers’ homes are displayed, and the picture shows a man sleeping on the sofa, a baby in a crib, etc.

Google immediately banned Xiaomi devices from connecting to Google Home Hub and Google Assistant.

Mi Home Security Camera

Subsequently, in a statement, a Google spokesperson responded: “We were aware of the problem and contacted Xiaomi to work on the problem“, but did not explain what needed to be fixed.

In the afternoon of January 3, a Xiaomi company spokesperson sent a Weibo in response to the matter, stating that the related problem was caused by a bug in the streaming screen. Xiaomi has suspended the service and fixed the related bug, and domestic users are not affected.

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Xiaomi pointed out that the Xiaomi Mi Home Security Camera Basic 1080P linkage with the Google Home Hub function is one of the features developed by Xiaomi for the Google Smart Home System. The aforementioned bugs have a very small probability of appearing only in the case of weak networks.

At the end of the statement, Xiaomi stated that the Xiaomi Security Center has communicated with Google and fixed related bugs. “After the two parties have jointly tested and improved, we will re-launch the feature in due course.”


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