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Xiaomi Mi 10 Concept Picture: 100 MP Rear 4 Lens

Xiaomi Mi 10

If Xiaomi Mi 10 phones are to be released at present, it should be the first to release Xiaomi’s digital series phones. Xiaomi phones already have three series, namely Xiaomi digital series, Xiaomi MIX series, and Xiaomi cc series. Xiaomi’s digital series mobile phones are currently the main target is to become a bucket gadget, the so-called bucket gadget.

Whether it is in terms of mobile phone hardware performance, in terms of mobile phone photography, or terms of mobile phone battery life, has a very outstanding performance, there is no shortboard so it is Called bucket gadget.

Xiaomi Mi 10

The Xiaomi 10 series mobile phone should be the flagship phone that will be released soon. Foreign media has produced a set of conceptual renderings of the Xiaomi 10 series mobile phone.

The Xiaomi 10 series mobile phone has made a very big change from the screen of the mobile phone. The mobile phone screen that has been retained since the Xiaomi 9 series mobile phone has been canceled.

The Xiaomi 10 series mobile phone adopts the design of screen punching. And the front camera screen punch is designed in the upper left corner of the screen.

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             In fact, as a flagship mobile phone, the fixed design appearance is not a good choice. I think that the Xiaomi digital series mobile phones can try a fresh look. Design, such as screen punching.

The design of the screen punching has no major obstacle to the screen display and control of the mobile phone. Also, the screen of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series mobile phone will use a curved surface design, which is likely to be the waterfall screen previously announced by Huawei.

Of course, the biometric encryption method of the Xiaomi 10 series mobile phones will still be unlocked by fingerprint recognition under the screen.

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            The design of the rear camera of the Xiaomi 10 series mobile phone adopts a design scheme, and it is slightly changed. The rear camera of the Xiaomi 10 series mobile phone is very similar to the previous rear camera of the Xiaomi cc9Pro.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Camera

Of the four, three cameras form a complete lens module, and a separate lens is designed below the lens module.

It is said that the Xiaomi Mi 10 series mobile phone is the latest flagship series of Xiaomi digital mobile phones. The rear camera will use a 100 MP lens. Because of the previous relying on a 100 MP lens and superb algorithms.

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            Xiaomi mobile phones successfully ranked in the DxO photo ranking The top three, so as a necessary condition for a bucket machine, the rear camera of Xiaomi Mi 10 series mobile phones will be equipped with the latest 100 MP lens, will still be proud of the heroes in taking pictures, it is likely to refresh DxO’s photo ranking again List.

If there is no accident with the Xiaomi Mi 10 series phones, the entire series should be equipped with a 5G version as standard, which means that the Xiaomi Mi 10 series phones are likely to no longer be available for sale.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Color Matching

But it doesn’t matter, the current 5g series version phones can also support 4G networks, so it is reasonable to standardize the entire series of weapons for Xiaomi Mi 10 series phones. As far as the current design is concerned, Xiaomi Mi 10 series phones are still much more beautiful than iPhone11.

In terms of hardware parameters, if there is no accident in the Xiaomi Mi 10 series phones, it should be equipped with the Snapdragon 865 processor. The battery capacity should reach 5000 mAh, and it will also support 65-watt fast charging technology.

It will also support two-way wireless charging. And the speed of wireless charging will reach an unprecedented 30 watts. Also, some media said that the price of the Xiaomi Mi 10 series mobile phones will not exceed $500 US.

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