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XCloud games are getting a Series X upgrade

XCloud games

The Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud games) datacenters have been upgraded with Xbox Series X hardware, according to a statement from Microsoft released on June 10th. It appears that Windows 10 players can now play games on that hardware. 

Some xCloud games are now showing graphics options that would normally only be available on the Xbox Series X in their settings menus, or some are now loading faster than they used to on xCloud.

xCloud games are finally getting upgrade a xBox series Games

As you will see in this tweet from Tom Warren, Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Rainbow Six Siege have been upgraded to better graphics:

During a race, Dirt 5 loaded very quickly and didn’t experience much lag. On the other hand, the xCloud hardware doesn’t seem to run Forza Horizon 4 just yet; the game loaded much slower and felt much more laggy than Dirt 5.

XCloud games
XCloud games

Microsoft did not confirm that the new server hardware was rolling out, but said it would provide more information in the near future. Creating a better Xbox Cloud Gaming experience is something Microsoft is constantly working on, it said. “We’ll be sharing more details about our Microsoft Datacenter upgrades soon.”

According to Microsoft, Xbox Cloud Gaming, currently being only available as a beta, would be available in the browser for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers “in the coming weeks.”

Microsoft also devoted a large portion of E3 to announcing xCloud games, which will allow Xbox One consoles to play next-gen games via the cloud, including Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Xbox Game Studios recently hired the woman behind Portal to serve as its Senior Director of Cloud Gaming. The company announced that it intends to produce “cloud native” games.

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