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Wyze Cam Pan Review: affordable indoor Security Camera

Wyze Cam Pan is a very affordable indoor security camera with features such as mechanical pan and tilt, motion tracking, local and free cloud storage, support for Alexa and IFTTT.

Wyze Labs was founded by a former Amazon employee, and it has been less than two years since its establishment, but at that time it has successfully won two editors’ choice awards for the first two products, namely the original Wyze Cam and its subsequent products, which won the best of 2018 Logo, Wyze Cam V2. The company’s latest product, Wyze Cam Pan, continues this trend.

Its price is only 29.99 US dollars, provides all the functions of earlier models, such as motion and sound detection, time-lapse recording, and free cloud storage, it also adds mechanical pan and tilt functions, and supports IFTTT applets. This makes it a new editing choice for affordable home security cameras.

Wyze Can pan


  • Inexpensive.
  • Motion tracking.
  • Time-lapse video.
  • Mechanical pan and tilt.
  • Crisp 1080p video.
  • Alexa and IFTTT support.
  • Free cloud and local storage.


  • CO alarm alert didn’t work in testing.
  • Minor barrel distortion.


Design and function of Wyze Cam Pan

The matte white Wyze Cam Pan measures 5.0 x 2.2 x 2.2 inches (HWD), and its size and shape are similar to the iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro.

The similarities don’t stop there. Both use motorized bases to provide mechanical panning, and both use black motorized lens hoods to provide mechanical tilt adjustment.

The cam disc can provide a 360-degree horizontal range and a 93-degree vertical tilt range.

In addition to the lens hood, the front of the Cam Pan also has a light sensor and an LED indicator. When the camera is connected, the indicator will light up steadily in blue and flash yellow during the setting process.

Around the back are speakers and Type-A USB ports, which can be used to connect other Wyze cameras. At the bottom of the camera are a microSD card slot, settings button, USB power port, and microphone.

It comes with a six-foot USB power cord, USB power adapter, and quick start guide.

The camera captures 1080p video at 15fps with 8x digital zoom and a 120-degree field of view. It uses six infrared LEDs to provide night vision (black and white) video up to 30 feet long and has an 802.11 Wi-Fi radio for connecting to the home network.

It only runs on the 2.4GHz band, while iCamera Keep Pro provides 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connections.

Wyze Cam pan 1

The camera not only looks like iCamera Keep Pro, but it also provides many of the same features, including motion and sound detection, motion tracking, time-lapse recording, smoke and CO alarm detection, and local storage using a microSD card (not included).

You can also get 14 days of rolling cloud storage for free (iCamera Keep Pro provides free storage of up to 30 clips), support for the IFTTT applet, and the ability to watch videos on Amazon Echo Show devices.

Pan uses the same mobile application (for Android and iOS) as the previous Wyze Cam model. It will open a “device” screen that shows all the installed Wyze cameras and still images of the last image captured by each camera.

At the bottom of the screen are the labels for devices, notifications, and my account, and in the upper right corner is the plus icon for adding a new camera.

The “Notifications” tab displays the history of all sounds, spores, smoke, and carbon monoxide alarms, as well as thumbnails of related videos. Click the thumbnail to play, share, or delete the video.

The My Account tab takes you to a screen where you can view the version of the application, change your email address and password, and access help and feedback topics.

Tap the image of “Cam Pan” to start a live stream, which can be viewed in full-screen mode by turning the phone to the side. To pan and tilt, you can use swipe gestures directly on the video, or you can use the four-way dial below the stream.

Just below the dial are buttons labeled as sound (mute, unmute), record (manual video), speak (two-way audio), and take photos (take a snapshot).

There is also a “More” button to open the menu where you can access many functions of the camera. You can enable/disable motion tracking here, which allows the camera to track the motion of any object that triggers a motion alarm.

Pan scanning, the camera uses four preset waypoints to automatically pan the room, and stops for 10 seconds before moving to the next one; and a motion marker, which has a motion alarm object with a green frame for easy identification.

Here, you can also create time-lapse videos, access videos, and photo albums, and turn the camera on and off.

The gear icon at the top of the app takes you to the screen, where you can enable/disable motion, sound, smoke, and carbon monoxide detection, set motion and sound sensitivity levels, and create a schedule for the camera to send an alert at a specific time.

Advanced settings allow you to configure the panoramic scan speed, format the SD card, enable/disable the status LED, rotate the image, and enable/disable recording.

Installation and performance

Installing the Pan Cam is easy. I downloaded the mobile app and logged in using the account information from the previous Wyze review. If this is your first Wyze camera, you must create an account.

I clicked the plus icon in the “Devices” screen to add a device, selected “Wyze Cam Pan”, then followed the instructions on the screen to insert the camera, and waited about 20 seconds for the yellow light to flash.

Then, I press and hold the setup button for a few seconds until I hear a beep and the voice prompt “Ready to connect”.

Next, I chose the Wi-Fi SSID, entered the password, and then scanned the QR code displayed on the screen with the camera.

After scanning the code, I clicked Next, and then the voice prompt said: “Installation is complete.” I entered the name of the camera, updated the firmware, and then finished.

In the test, Cam Pan provided a clear, colorful 1080p daytime video and well-lit black and white night scene video. The real-time and recorded video quality is unstable, but not as smooth as iCamera Keep Pro, and the barrel distortion is slight.

On the other hand, pan and tilt movements are more responsive than iCamera Keep Pro. Two-way audio is loud and clean.

Motion and sound alarms arrived immediately, and the motion tracking and motion marking functions worked well, although the camera sometimes lost track of it if my cat moved too fast.

The camera has never had a problem with tracking people, and I have no problem creating and displaying time-lapse videos. My IFTTT applet enabled the camera’s motion sensor to turn on the Philips Hue light, and it worked well, as did my Alexa voice commands, and I could watch live video on a TV with Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The smoke alarm notification function works according to the advertisement, and the Nest Protect alarm is used in each test to immediately generate push notifications and video recordings.

However, it cannot recognize CO alerts on Nest Protect and First Alert plug-in CO detectors. Although both devices issued sound detection alarms, Cam Pan did not recognize the sound in this way.

In conclusion

Despite its low price, Wyze Cam Pan provides you with many of the same features as the more expensive iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro, including mechanical pan and tilt, motion tracking, local and free cloud storage, and time-lapse recording.

In our test, it provides a clear 1080p video, and its motion tracking and sound alarm work as described in the advertisement, but the barrel distortion is small and the CO alarm detection function is invalid.

Although you can use the IFTTT applet to make Cam Pan interact with other IFTTT-enabled devices, you cannot integrate it into a dedicated home security system like iCamera Keep Pro.

In other words, it is difficult for you to find another pan and tilt camera for $30, let alone a camera with so many functions. Therefore, Wyze Cam Pan easily won our editor’s choice.

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