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Windows 11 Review: Summarizes the visual changes in Windows 11

Windows 11

The main highlight of Windows 11 Review is its new visual design, which has been dubbed the “next generation” of the operating system. The company released a video showing the new round corners, icons, and more that it used to design its new OS.

In this Windows 11 Review Post, we’ll show you how some of the new UI changes, including some we saw in subsequent videos, compare with those in Windows 10 (and what to expect in the future).

The Windows 11 review outlines the changes in the interface

Windows 11 review

The Taskbar and Start Menu

The Start button has been moved to the middle of the screen instead of its time-honored position in the lower left corner. Microsoft‘s change is less drastic than what the Start screen looked like in Windows 8, but I’m sure it will require some adjustment — for some, it’ll be a departure from 25 years of muscle memory.

It also moves pinned taskbar items to the foreground of the screen. The Wall Street Journal reports Microsoft will let people move things back to the left if they don’t like the change.

Microsoft says the cloud and Office 365 are behind the new Start menu, which appears when you click the Start button. When you use Windows 11, instead of merely listing apps like in Windows 10, you can get recommendations of what to work on.

The widgets

Now widgets replace the Live Tiles in the Start menu, which previously occupied space in the Start menu.

The Microsoft Store

A new design and faster loading speed was Microsoft’s goal when it rebuilt its store.

Microsoft Store

A new Windows Snap feature

There’s a new UI that lets you select what layout you would like to snap to in Windows 11. Microsoft has been allowing users to snap apps side-by-side since Windows 7, and Microsoft has added additional layouts over time, but there hasn’t (The FancyZones windowing manager) which was a separate download from Microsoft could have been a built-in way to achieve these things. Windows 11 seems to still have the old suggestion system.

A new Windows Snap feature

Modern Icons

As part of Windows 11’s update, Microsoft has given its icons some attention, overhauling some of the icons that have been around since the ‘90s – though they might still include images of floppy disks. Below you can see some of the new icons from Microsoft, but you will also find them throughout today’s videos and demos.

Modern Icons

File Explorer 

There have been some tweaks to the top bar of File Explorer too – the tabs may have vanished, replaced by a row of buttons that are more touch-friendly. New icons have also been added to update the look.

Tablet Mode

Windows 11 also offered touchscreen capabilities – to replace Windows 10’s tablet mode, a subtle shift to a fullscreen experience spreads out the icons, adds “subtle visual cues,” and shrinks touch targets to make dragging and tapping windows easier.

Tablet Mode

Microsoft Team Integration 

The new version of Windows 11 will include Microsoft Teams, the company’s communications app, right in your Start menu. In Windows 11, right-clicking the Teams icon (redesigned) reveals a vast array of options not found in Windows 10.

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams


New wallpapers are available as part of Windows 11, including one that looks like a glassy, fabric-like coral.

The Look and Feel

As well as changes that affect all of OS, there are also changes that affect only parts of it. The new operating system, Windows 11, emphasizes transparency, especially with color. Microsoft says it’s literally rounded off all the sharp edges in the UI. The OS also has a cleaner, more glassy look overall.

The Look and Feel

Even so, a few times it will be difficult to tell the difference between Windows 10 and 11. Microsoft provided a screenshot, which is what I recreated. While there are differences, it proves that app design is also an important aspect of the user experience.

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