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Windows 10 Version 1903 now Available with 18362.387

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Windows 10 Version 1903 now Available: Build with 18362.387 Optional Update

After Windows 10 previous versions 1809 released with a new optional update earlier this week, Microsoft released new version Windows 10 version 1903 build 18362.10022 is now available for Slow ring Insider for you devices update.

The new version of 1903 build with 183362.387 optional updates is now available with a list of fixes, including the issue that was Internet Explorer, causing audio and certain games. In fact, the new update adds security fixes that rolled out in as main part of a recent cumulative update from Microsoft.


The released Windows 10 19H2 build for slow ring insider isn’t any new features to check because this update is all about focus on delivering security updates.

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Here are lists of quality fixes from new updates:

Slow Ring Insider

Main Features are updated in the new version

  • Updates an issue that causes vertical fonts to be larger when printing to a PostScript printer.
  • Updates an issue that may cause you to disconnect from a virtual private network (VPN) on cellular networks.
  • Updates an issue that may cause audio playback and recording to fail when connecting to a remote virtual machine.
  • Updates an issue that may prevent older systems from upgrading to the latest operating systems because of a display driver error on older versions.
  • Updates an issue that may cause the screen color to turn white on laptops that have built-in, high-dynamic-range (HDR) screens.
  • Updates an issue that causes audio in certain games to be quieter or different than expected.
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