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Windows 10 Insider build 20111 allows you to easily search for Default apps


Microsoft provides a brand new update for Windows 10 Insiders on the developer channel. This update makes it easier to search for default applications and access the Windows subsystem of Linux.

Microsoft explained that in addition to the updated new features, in the future, when a new OS version is released to the Dev Channel, the company will also release the corresponding SDK.

  • Microsoft launched Windows 10 Insider build 20211 to Insiders in the Dev channel.
  • This version adds search to the default application page in “Settings”.
  • This version is available through Windows Update.


The new version makes the system version number 20211. If the device is on the developer channel, it can be obtained immediately through Windows Update. This is a new feature outlined by Microsoft:

  • Add search to the “Default Apps” page in “Settings”: After some updates have been made to improve performance, this change enables the search for file types, protocols, and application lists when setting defaults, and has now been extended to development. All insiders in the channel – thanks to everyone who shared feedback during this process.
  • Access to the Linux file system in the Windows subsystem (for Linux): The latest internal preview version provides users with the ability to attach and install physical disks within the WSL 2 release. This allows you to access file systems that are not natively supported by Windows (such as ext4).

So if you want to dual boot with Windows and Linux at the same time, and are using different disks, you can now access Linux files from Windows! To learn more about this feature, read this blog post on the Windows Command Line Blog.

  • Update for developers: The Windows SDK now runs continuously with the development channel. Whenever a new OS version is released to the development channel, the corresponding SDK will also be released.

You can always install the latest Insider SDK from aka.ms/InsiderSDK. SDK flights will be archived in Flight Hub together with OS flights.

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