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Windows 10 1809 can be renewed until November 2020

Windows 10 1809

Microsoft announced that it would temporarily suspend non-security minor updates to supported Windows and server products last month. They also extended the end of support for the old Windows 10 1809, which is about to expire.

This October Windows 10 update, launched in 2018, was the addition of the Your Phone feature and the shock that caused the deletion of computer data. It will continue to receive security updates until November 10 instead of the scheduled May 12.

The IT department of the company naturally welcomes this new update. After all, under the arrangement of staying at home, if an employee encounters a problem after upgrading the latest Windows version, it is difficult for IT colleagues to solve it by phone simply.Windows 10 1809

It is better to stay in the stable old version until everyone can return to the company for direct assistance. In addition to Windows 10, several products such as Windows Server and Sharepoint have the same arrangement.

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While it’s extraordinary that Microsoft has extended the help, don’t anticipate new features. Microsoft has said that it is just expanding the security refreshes. So after May 12, all clients, including those utilizing it for Business, will get the security updates.

Microsoft made similar steps for Windows 10 adaptation 1709 during the underlying flare-up of COVID-19 as more individuals start working from home. The new Version 1709 supported until October 13, 2020.

If you are still on a previous version of Windows, it’s a decent time to move to 1809 with the extended help of a half year.

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