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WhatsApp will let you shop directly from the chat

Facebook New Update

Facebook hopes that more people will shop in WhatsApp. The company said that in the update, it plans to expand the in-app shopping functionality in its messaging app to provide users with more ways to purchase products directly from the chat.

The company’s statement did not disclose details, but there is a promotional video showing what might happen to this type of transaction: users send messages to companies and can respond via product catalog links. Shoppers can then add items to their shopping cart and check out from the app.

WhatsApp used to have a directory function, but it is more restricted than Facebook’s current preview function.

Facebook New Update

Social networks have been vigorously promoting the expansion of shopping functions in their apps, and recently launched Facebook Shops, which enables companies to create such product catalogs, which can then be used on Facebook and Instagram.

Therefore, the company also hopes to integrate similar functions into WhatsApp, which makes sense.

It is speculated that these transactions will use Facebook Pay, and the company has started testing on WhatsApp in Brazil earlier this year.

Although the country’s central bank questioned the plan, the company was forced to suspend the plan. But the company said it plans to pay all users in the future.

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