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WhatsApp reversed course, functionality can now not be limited if you are not accepting its privacy policy


Earlier this month, Facebook-owned WhatsApp said that users would lose functionality over time if they didn’t accept their new privacy policy by 15 may. in a reversal, Facebook now says that the arrange has modified, and users World Health Organization do not accept the updated policy will not really see limited functionality (via TNW).

A WhatsApp representative said in a statement, “Looking at the recent discussion with numerous authorities and privacy experts, we want to clarify however we work on WhatsApp for people who haven’t yet accepted the update.” This will not limit functionality. “

The rollout of the policy may be a confusing glitch and has raised issues that WhatsApp can begin sharing users’ personal information with Facebook.

WhatsApp updated new policy

Some WhatsApp user information, like users’ phone numbers, is already shared with Facebook, a policy that went into effect in 2016.

WhatsApp has insisted that this can be not the case, although – policy updates businesses. Is regarding messages sent to. WhatsApp, which can be kept on Facebook’s servers.

“We can still remind users from time to time and allow them to simply accept updates during which they need to use relevant optional options, like communicating with a business that receives support from Facebook,” WhatsApp said. “We hope this approach reinforces the selection that all users have whether or not they need to interact with a business or not.”

Most users who see the new policy have accepted, the corporate says in a support article. WhatsApp said in its statement that this text also notes that if you have got not accepted it, you’ll be reminded of the new policy, and also the same is the case even currently.

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