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WhatsApp is testing cloud backups on Android


Chats on WhatsApp are already encrypted end-to-end, but what about online backups? It won’t take long for them to get covered, too. It was reported by The Verge that WABetaInfo discovered end-to-end encrypted cloud backups were included in the latest WhatsApp beta for Android ( Once you choose to sign up, you won’t have to worry about hackers or spies reading your conversations.

Android users will soon be able to backup their WhatsApp data to the cloud

Several caveats must be noted. When you restore your backups, you’ll have to create a separate password, and if you lose your phone and forget this password, you can’t get them back. If you lose the encryption key, you are equally at risk as if you were to create a 64-digit key.

It is not certain that company will offer secure cloud backups with the next stable release, so don’t expect many changes in the near future. I am also unsure whether the new beta offers the same backup feature to everyone.

It certainly seems like a good time. WhatsApp just started testing multi-device syncing that doesn’t require a phone connection. Even though these encrypted backups appear to be unavailable across devices, they might prove reassuring as users increasingly depend on WhatsApp for their chats across multiple platforms.

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