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Whatsapp is going to be a big upgrade in video call


You can see a significant upgrade in Whatsapp video calling soon. Users will now be able to enjoy conference video calling from more than four people.

New upgrades can be seen for the users in the Whatsapp app soon. In its video calling feature, the limit of conference calling can increase from 4. Facebook can make these changes in its popular instant messaging and calling app due to the popular Zoom app hacked by hackers in the past.

In the next few weeks, users can see many significant changes in the app. After these new changes in the Whatsapp video calling feature, it will be able to challenge other video calling apps like Skype, Zoom.Whatsapp

At this time, only four people can connect at a time through Whatsapp video calling. According to a new report by WABetainfo, the participant’s limit in video calls may soon increase.

This feature will reveal in the code of the new beta update of Whatsapp. This code will first be spot with the beta update rolling out to iOS. Later this code has also been placed in the beta update rolled out for Android.

During the video call in the latest beta of Whatsapp, a new header appears in which written that your connection is secure through end-to-end encryption. Apart from this, a hidden code string has given in the latest beta update.

This new code string states that Whatsapp calls% D connected to people. In this,% D means that this number is more than 4. However, the new code only gave hints and was not mentioned how many people can be connected. This number can be between 10 and 99.

Talking about WhatsApp’s rival video calling apps Zoom app, you can connect up to 100 people at once. However, the premium version can able to connect up to 500 people.

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Due to a lack of end-to-end encryption features in Zoom apps, much personal information, including video calls made by this app, has been reported to be leaks.

It is considered an unsafe video calling app. Due to increasing the limit of participants in Whatsapp video calling apps, users will now be able to connect with more people at once. 

There is currently no information about when this feature will launch out in the stable version.

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