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Whatsapp for Video Calls: New Features Rolled out to make Group Video Call


The new feature Whatsapp for Video Calls has been rolled out for Facebook-owned instant messaging app Whatsapp. This new feature has been added to users for group audio and video calling. Let us know that the Whatsapp Group video calling feature was launched in 2018. After which it has become one of the most favorite features of the users. 

Both Android and iOS users use this feature. The new feature of Whatsapp for Video Calls has also been rolled out for both platforms. The group video calling feature allows users to make video calls with up to four people at a time.

Earlier, the users had to add the four users one by one to the group call. After the rollout of the new feature, users will not have to add a new user to the group call one by one.


Users have to make a group video call by simply tapping on a button. Also, users can use that button for group audio calling.

The Facebook-owned app has revealed the new feature through its official Twitter handle. Whatsapp wrote in its tweet, We have made group calls easier for 4 or fewer people.

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You will be able to make voice or video calls by tapping on your group chat. For this, you will not need to add everyone one by one. This feature has been rolled out with new updates for Android and iOS.

To use this feature, users must first open group chat. After this, users have to tap the video icon to make a video call or the phone icon to make an audio call.

These icons will be available to users in the right corner. Voice or video group calling facility can be availed with a group of at most four people.

Recently Whatsapp has been working on its magnifying glass icon. This will help users in misinformation and segregating false content. This feature is currently under development and is currently being tested.

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