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WhatsApp allows you to use a custom wallpaper for every chat

whatsapp new feature

Now that it has published the disappeared message, WhatsApp is trying to make ordinary messages more memorable. It not only launched a series of new wallpapers and stickers but also can customize chat records for groups and individuals.

Using the latter function, you can choose a specific wallpaper for each chat or individual contact to create the desired mood and help you remember the person you are chatting with.

The Facebook-owned chat application has improved the selection of wallpapers by adding new colors to the default “graffiti” wallpapers.

whatsapp new feature

It also introduces “novel, diverse and iconic images of nature and architecture” from all over the world to better reflect its 2 billion powerful global user base. Finally, it introduced a new graphic design in the light and dark album.

If you like Stickers, WhatsApp allows you to search using text or emoji, or browse by category, making it easier to find. Sticker creators are encouraged to simplify this process by marking them with emojis and text.

WhatsApp also launched an animated version of its popular World Health Organization (WHO) “At Home Together” sticker pack. The new features will be rolled out this week.

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