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What’s new in Current Windows 10 Updates Latest

Recently, Microsoft released the first major update of Windows 10 updates, bringing many new features and changes in function. New windows 10 updates latest brings some hidden features, and now desktop operations engineers will come to take stock of those features that you may not have discovered before.

New features in current windows 10 updates will help you manipulate your time, growth protection, and get more innovative with windows 10. With this update, it’ll be less complicated to get things accomplished for your laptop and across your other devices, consisting of syncing to android phones.

Find my Device

You may have used the Find Device feature on your phone very early. However, what if your laptop is lost? In the past, you may need to install some third-party software to locate or track, now Microsoft directly added this feature to the Windows 10 system.Windows 10 Update

Similar to the search function on your phone, you can locate or track your notebook after turning on the Find My Device option. Here is how to use:

  • First of all, you need to register a Microsoft account.
  • After logging in, Enter the settings update to find my device safely.
  • Make sure to click open.
  • Task Complete.

Cortana lets you reply more information

If you own a Windows phone, the new Cortana will be very practical for you. The new version of Cortana added a missed call reminder function, which can not only remind you to return the call but also use it to directly reply to text messages.

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Even if there is no missed call, you can always send text messages by voice. Unfortunately, the current Windows 10 SMS application does not support voice recognition, so you can only use Cortana to send messages.

If your device is equipped with a stylus, Cortana will also remind you to create a memo based on time and place. If you are an Uber user, when you connect your account with Cortana, it will also provide driving directions for you.

Automatically change the time zone

Windows system can automatically synchronize time a long time ago, but when you travel abroad, it cannot automatically change the time zone. Now that Windows 10 is finally available, the option to automatically set the time zone has been added to the set time language option. By default, this feature is turned on.

Streaming media playback

Windows 10 has previously supported DLNA and Miracast streaming media playback. This update only makes it more obvious whether it is in the Microsoft Edge browser, or the photo and video playback software. You can see a cast content on the device Options. This feature allows you to project photos, videos, audio, etc. to compatible devices, much like Google ’s Chromecast feature.

Microsoft Edge browser can synchronize passwords and favorites

When Windows 10 was released, the Edge browser was unable to synchronize account passwords and favorites, and finally in this update. If you have multiple Windows 10 devices, you can now easily sync passwords or favorites to all devices.

Joined the Skype app

Microsoft added the basic version of Skype in this update, and integrated video calling and SMS functions, but it is not easy to find that it can be found through Cortana or the application list.

Users can make simple calls or send messages to Skype contacts, but because they are still in the basic version, the functions are very imperfect, and they need to be greatly improved later.Windows 10 Update new feature

Better Snap split-screen function

In Windows 10, all software has a Snap split-screen function. For example, if you place two applications side by side on the desktop, when you adjust the ratio of one of the windows, the other window will automatically fill the remaining area.

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You can also place the mouse in the middle of two application windows, and then a slider will appear, which can be used to adjust the window ratio.

Windows 10 Updates Download

When the windows 10 November 2019 update is ready for your device, it’ll be available to download from the windows update the page in settings. Choose a time that works satisfactorily on the way to download the update.

You will have to restart your device and complete the installation. After that, your device might be running windows 10, model 1909. The following listed below steps will help you to download new updates:

  • In case you want to install the new update, Go to start  > settings > Update & Security > Windows update, after make sure select Check for updates. If updates are to be available, install them in your device.
  • If version 1909 isn’t offered automatically through test for updates, you may get it manually through the update assistant. 
  • In case you run into problems updating your device, together with issues with previous primary updates, see common fixes at troubleshooting problems updating windows 10, or use fix windows update problems to step you via the troubleshooting method.
  • In case you’re warned with the aid of windows update that you do not have enough space to your device to install the update, see free up area. 
  • In case your experience in internet connection troubles even as updating your device, see network connection problems in your windows.

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