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What Is Selling – Is The Reason Why You Will never Get A Promotion

What is Selling

What Is Selling – Is The Reason Why You Will never Get A Promotion

What is selling? – All the business activities end at selling. Business is established for sale. Only sales fulfill business objectives. So, a business follows different sales methods such as e-business, counter sale, vending machines, self-service, a combination of all these methods, etc.

All the marketing activities end at the sale. One of the several techniques of selling personal selling. It is face to face selling. In this method, a seller attempts to persuade buyers to make a purchase. In this method, a salesperson is personally involved to promote and sales the company offers.

Here direct and involvement of a salesperson is essential. In this method personal relation, trust, friendship is very important.

Personal selling is classified into two types:

  1. Indoor Salesman
  2. Outdoor salesperson

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Selling and Marketing

What is Indoor Salesman?

The indoor salesman is the shop keepers. They stay in the shop, behind the counter and customers visit the shop. In this sales process, desires are already created; customers are already motivated and they visit the shop. The sales job starts from the window display, creation of attraction, and help customer to come into the decision.

The tangible goods and products are stored, displayed and sold. It is possible to store small items in a shop rack but many goods are not possible to be displayed in the shop, such as a very big industrial project, a hydro project, an airplane, information, and advice, etc.

Many services are not possible to display in the shop and sale, such as insurance policy. Many times, they do not know what they need, what their problem is and how to solve the problems and what are the new inventions available in the market, etc. In these examples, a company needs to depend upon an outdoor salesperson.

What is Outdoor Salesman?

The outdoor salesman is known as a salesperson. The term SELLING refers to an outdoor salesperson. They develop prospects – identify potential buyers, visit them and present the company offer and receive orders.

The identify the people with the problem and solve the problems by company offer. They convert need into desire and desire into demand. They start by identifying potential buyers. Outdoor salesman develops prospects, create desire, motivate and receive their order. The process of identifying prospects and offering solutions is SELLING.

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The term “selling” is related to the personal involvement of salesperson to promote and sales company offer. They involve in face to face attempts to persuade buyers to make the purchase. Selling is related to personal selling, which needs direct and strong involvement of a salesman.

Selling is a person-to-person business activity in which a salesperson uncovers and satisfies the needs of a buyer to the mutual, long-term benefit of both parties. Selling is more than making a sale and getting an order. The objective of personal selling is to build a relationship – partnership that provides long-term benefits to both sellers and to the customers.

Thus, selling involves helping customers identify their problems, offer information about potential solutions and providing after-the-sale service to ensure long-term satisfaction.

Selling is not fast-talking, non-listening. It is not a craft of persuading people to buy what they do not want and what they do not need and pay more than it is worth. Modern selling is to coordinate a firm’s offer to solve customer’s problems.

Use all the firm’s resources. Use email fax and other electronic media to communicate with customers. Collect all the information important to the customers. Inform before they feel/realize and present the solution, offer a benefit that is best for them.

Selling Business

In a business organization, everyone is involved in selling. Selling a job is not limited to a salesman. It can be an owner, CEO or manager or a simple salesman. During the recruitment process, the HRM manager tries to sale the company image and sales company and attract quality staff. During conferences, a CEO maintains image and sales company goodwill. Selling is not a post, rank but it is a job carried by different posts, rank, departments of the organization.

From all the above discussion it can be concluded that selling is:

A function which is concerned with identifying the specific needs, desire, and problems of individual customers and providing the satisfaction of these through benefit or solution in order to facilitate the profitable business transaction.

Let’s Make a Clear about Sale and Selling Definition

The word sale is a very common word. Everyone is involved in sale every day and every time. It is done in different forms and formats. It may be economic and non-economic. Some sales seem non-economic but it has underlying economic value.

A teacher’s sales knowledge, collage sales education, and students are involved in the buying process. USA sales visa to visitors and Australia is selling a student’s visa. Students are involved in the education receiving process because they know that they can sell this knowledge later in their life.



The staff involved in a sale is “Salesman” and the skill is salesmanship. The person involved in selling a job is a “salesperson”. It may be an agent, full time or part-time job assignment, etc.
The sale is done by a salesman. In the organizational chart, they placed under marketing. In the organization, anyone many involves in selling. For special projects, CEO or managers are also involved in selling.
A sale is a one-time job. Selling is a long-term relationship. Its aim is to create mutual, continuous satisfaction to both buyers and sellers.
Sales are the art of persuading. It includes educating, identity people with the problem and solves their problems.
Generally, demand is already created by promotion. Includes promotion and creation of demand.
The process is assisting a prospective customer to buy goods. Assisting customer for best-solution.
The sale is the marketing objective. Selling is the objective of the business.
It is a sales form shop. Selling involves the process of prospecting, creating desire and obtaining orders from customers and directs the flow of goods and services from the seller to the buyers.
The company is the winner. To create a win-win situation.
Products are already for sale. Production design, deliver as per customer requirement.
An employee of a company. Any profession, the rank may involve as a part-time job. A doctor, a teacher may do selling as a part-time job.
Sales start from product to customer. Selling is an end-to-end job. From customer to customer that is to design the product as per customer’s wish and provide to the customer.
The salesman does sales. The salesperson does total marketing functions.
Sales is an action, job, duty. Selling = Sales + Service.

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What is Selling

From the above discussion, we may conclude that selling is not salesmanship. It is a systematic approach to offering products or services to exchange.

  • Selling is the process of identifying and converting prospects into customers.
  • Selling is creating desire and converting that desire into demand and finally satisfying the demand. It is a continuous process.
  • A function which is concerned with identifying the specific needs, desires, and problems of individual customers and providing satisfaction through benefits or solution in order to facilitate the profitable business transaction.
  • Selling includes total marketing functions: identification of customer’s needs, develop the product as per requirement, promote, sell, delivery and follow up, etc.
  • Selling is an end-to-end job. It starts from identifying buyers, develops a product as per their requirements, motivates them to buy and finally the sale.

The above discussion shows that sales are short term and selling is long term. Sales are related to the salesman only whereas selling is done by everyone in a company. Every staff of a company is selling the image, goodwill, the reputation of the company.

As discussed, earlier selling is different from traditional selling concepts of marketing. Traditional marketing was hit and run, but now it is long term relation. So, it is necessary to redefine the term and understand the listed below following concepts.

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  1. The Definition of Selling
  2. Everyone is selling in Organization
  3. Selling is removing ignorance, problems solving, satisfying human need
  4. Selling is social science and creative art
  5. Selling is a professional occupation
  6. Selling needs training
  7. One-man company

Open shop Selling

What is Modern Selling?

Modern selling is more than traditional selling. Now it includes:

  • Modern salesperson is not a post, rank, and position. It is a responsibility. The company may assign the responsibility to different people for the special project or hire special employees or assign a special contract.
  • Modern selling includes research and innovation, developing ideas, product development, promotion and creation of demand, after-sales service, etc. It includes total marketing functions.
  • Modern selling is service to the customer. It includes relationship, contact function, negotiation function, agreement, etc.
  • Selling is a professional job. One may full-time employees or on a contract basis. One may represent only one company or represent many companies. Doctors, engineers, teachers, government employees, students also involved in selling for extra income.
  • It works as a nerve system. That is to collect information, analyze and provide where it is necessary.
  • Modern selling is related to image build-up. That is the goodwill of the product and company.

Every day new organizations are coming with new offers. On the other hand, customers are also changing. They are getting intellectual, knowledgeable, changing their living standards. The concept of competition is also changing. So, a salesman must be educated, knowledgeable, trained and learn to learn.

Thus, the recent emphasis on marketing concept does not mean to shadow the importance of the role of selling. The salespeople are equally important to fic price, develop and manage channel system, and for promotion. Merely because a product is excellent does not ensure its sale. It must be supported by salesmen’s efforts. The modern concept of selling is related to every business activity.


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