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What is Scott Technology: Growing in the next Move?

What is Scott Technology: Growing in the Next Move?

Australia and New Zealand (NZ) are increasingly interested in automation in agriculture and food processing due to the overall scale of agriculture and high labor costs. Meanwhile, the presence of Scott Technology, a long-established engineering company with a history of over 100 years in NZ, is increasing. What kind of company is Scott Technology, which now has the largest share of Brazilian meat world’s largest JBS?

Scott Technology was founded in 1913 by Scottish immigrant engineer John Scott in Dunedin, NZ with his sons. The company name at that time was called J & AP Scott, who worked on auto repairs. In the 1950s, it entered into home appliances such as the manufacturing of the washing machine “Wheel Pool”. In the 1960s, we acquired a Christchurch engineering company and began manufacturing equipment for automated production lines.

Knuckle Tipper Hero Scott Technology

The company was listed on the NZ Stock Exchange (NZX) in 1997. At that time, the company was supplying manufacturing systems mainly to the home appliance manufacturing industry in North America, but in 2001, when the economic growth of the United States, the company’s main export destination, was seen as a shadow, the company diversified its business in two stages.

The first thing the company did was geographical diversification of export destinations, which depended on North America, and the company started selling home appliance manufacturing systems in Asia and Europe. Scott Technology currently has offices in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland in NZ, and overseas sales and service offices in the US, China, Australia, Italy, Canada, and Chile. Most of the company’s sales come from exports, with Australia and the US prominent. Recently, the company opened a base in Germany and is strengthening sales in Europe.

The next step was to expand into niche markets outside the home appliance manufacturing industry. Even in 2009, when the storm of the global financial crisis broke out, Scott Technology invested heavily in research and development (R & D) for all sectors.

Business expansion through merger

Business acquisitions will accelerate as R & D progresses. In 2008, he acquired Rocklab, an automatic sample preparation manufacturer in Auckland. In 10 years, Malcolm Smith Reference Materials, which supplies related materials to Rocklab, will also be affiliated. In 2011, we acquired HTS-110, which has electromagnet and high-temperature superconductor technology, and in September of that year, the company secured a manufacturing base in China.

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Business expansion continues. In 2014, he acquired Robot Walks, a robot company in Ohio, USA, and established a foothold in an important North American market. Acquired Melbourne’s Applied Sorting Technology, which manufactures food inspection equipment using X-rays in Australia. Sydney’s Machinery Automation and Robotics is also part of the group.

Jamestrong Scott Technology

Under the umbrella of the largest meat

Scott Technology, which has become difficult to raise funds following the acquisition, will be accepted by Scott Technology, which JBS Australia offered a 50.1% stake in 2015. As a result, Scott Technology has repaid its debt of 15 million NZ dollars and the remaining 24 million NZ dollars can be used for further business expansion.

The company supplies equipment and systems for automated manufacturing lines to the meat processing industry in addition to the home appliance manufacturing industry. In the long term, we would like to work on a robot arm that attaches an automatic milking machine to dairy cows.

Scott Technology procures almost all robots within its own group. Attention is growing in the next move, with growth funds in hand.

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