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What is Apple CarPlay?

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No longer just buy a car for its engine and seat count. Now, infotainment needs a certain amount of space on the agenda of every car buyer. Now, Apple CarPlay can provide users with all the content on their phones with only a dashed fingertip.

With the help of the powerful features of Apple CarPlay, it can enable drivers to use apps safely, talk to family and friends, and integrate favorite music, programs, and podcasts into the car. This is just the beginning of your car with Apple CarPlay.

What can Apple CarPlay do?

Apple CarPlay (Apple calls it the ultimate co-pilot), performs many of the same functions as the iPhone. Motorists can use the software to get directions, make calls, send and receive text messages, and listen to music or podcasts.

Apple Carplay

These features are displayed on an easy-to-use interface with large icons that iPhone users can recognize immediately.

You can use Apple’s digital assistant Siri to access most of CarPlay’s functions. For example, the driver can say “Call Alex”, “Get directions to Cafe Rio” or “Play Chumbawamba” and Siri will obey.

Car drivers without voice recognition technology can navigate the software using the touch screen embedded in the dashboard or the various knobs and buttons commonly found on the steering wheel and center console.

When CarPlay is active, the iPhone’s screen is locked. After all, the focus of the software is to reduce interference.

Some third-party applications are compatible with CarPlay and have been optimized for CarPlay. The best CarPlay apps for iPhone include iHeartRadio, Spotify, Pandora, Waze, WhatsApp, Amazon Music, CBS Radio, Tidal, and NPR One.

Surprisingly, Apple CarPlay also supports certain applications developed by rival Google. Both Google Play Music and Google Maps can be accessed through this software.

However, the vehicle settings are not part of CarPlay, so the driver must exit the app to adjust the climate control temperature, browse the radio station, or select other driving modes.

apple carplay location

Although Google has helped automakers (especially Volvo) develop infotainment systems, no one has established a similar partnership with Apple, at least not yet.

Which phones are compatible with Apple CarPlay?

Motorists who want to use the Apple operating system on their dashboard need a compatible iPhone. Since 5, every iPhone supports CarPlay, although the device needs to be running iOS 7.1 or later to run.

If you are still using an iPhone with a 30-pin connector, or if you have an iPad, you will not be able to run CarPlay.

Some cars also support wireless CarPlay. In the absence of it, the iPhone needs to be physically connected to the car via a certified Lightning-to-USB cable.

Which cars are compatible with Apple CarPlay?

Various models in the automotive field are compatible with Apple CarPlay. They range from relatively basic cars (such as Chevrolet Spark) to high-end super sports cars (such as Lamborghini Huracan Evo). Volvo, Honda, Chevrolet, BMW, Ford, and Porsche are dozens of brands that provide CarPlay compatibility.

Apple-CarPlay Map

Please note that some companies require customers to pay extra for this technology, while others use it as standard equipment.

For safety and privacy considerations, Toyota spent many years boycotting CarPlay and Google’s rival software Android Auto. The Japanese company recently changed its mind and started offering CarPlay on some of its models, including the 2019 RAV4, 2019 Corolla Hatch, and 2019 Avalon.

Toyota-owned Lexus has also begun rolling out the software in some of its cars, such as ES and RX. To be sure, others will follow suit; the floodgates of consumer demand are now open.

All in all, if you need a new car on the market, it is not difficult to find a car equipped with Apple CarPlay-if you live in North America, there are hundreds of them, so we have made a guide that outlines all the cars that are currently available Car CarPlay.

The situation in Europe is different. European automakers have been slow to adopt this technology.

The list of used cars compatible with CarPlay is increasing every year. However, if you are driving a BMW from the 1980s or older, remember that Alpine, Kenwood, Pioneer, and Sony all sell CarPlay-compatible aftermarket systems that integrate advanced smartphones into the winter beater And in the world of classic cars.

What’s new in Apple CarPlay?

Apple will regularly update its CarPlay software, adding new features, improving compatibility, and generally bringing a better life to car owners. This is the latest change in infotainment software.

iOS 13: Simultaneously with the release of iOS 13, Apple announced many updates to CarPlay at the annual Global Developers Conference held in San Jose, California on June 3, 2019.

They have changed the overall appearance of CarPlay and have become one since its launch in 2014, which is part of countless commutes. Apple claims that 90% of new cars sold in the United States now use CarPlay.

Apple carplay 2

The updated CarPlay will get a new “Dashboard” view, allowing users to view multiple applications at once. Therefore, the driver can now simultaneously turn on navigation and music functions on the same screen.

This feature is available on the built-in infotainment systems of some automakers, but this is the first time it has been applied to CarPlay. According to Apple, the music display has also been redesigned to better emphasize the album’s illustrations.

Finally, CarPlay superimposes Siri’s voice recognition function on top of other applications. Using Siri can help the driver get a more simplified user experience-the current interface is a bit clumsy.

Now, you must open a dedicated screen to activate Siri, but this does not make the tool easy to use. Apple also recently added a calendar application to CarPlay. Now, Siri can use third-party navigation and audio applications. Read all about the changes here.

iOS 12: In 2018, Apple announced an important update to its iPhone. Popular applications in the US, such as Google Maps and Waze, will now be provided to support third-party navigation applications.

For many users who completely abandon CarPlay and support phone-based navigation, third-party support may be a major improvement. Going to a new destination can be stressful.

ios apple carplay

The connection of popular navigation apps will simplify commuting and simplify transportation. Besides, Apple ensures that Apple CarPlay will not become obsolete.

The announcement of Google Maps and Waze support was mentioned in the WWDC keynote speech, which surprised many people. The news is just a footnote to this press release, suggesting more content.

This shows that Apple believes that its services cannot keep pace with competitors. They even released a program called TryRating where users can test the Apple Maps software and provide feedback so that Apple can determine the steps that need to be taken.

The program attempts to provide a solution to the accuracy of the application. Consumers want to see many changes. You can read more about the latest and upcoming changes here.

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