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IOS 15, macOS 12, watchOS 8, New MacBook Pro: What can we expect from WWDC 2021?

In keeping with the 2020 WWDC event, Apple will hold its 32nd annual Worldwide Developers Conference in a digital-only format, which means it will be free to attend for developers worldwide.

We will get our first look at Apple’s new iOS 7 operating system during the company’s June 7 virtual keynote. Although we know little about the event this year, everything that has been rumored has been summarized below.

New MacBook Pro?

New MacBook Pro models with 14 and 16 inches are being developed by Apple. They could possibly launch during WWDC. Jon Prosser, who predicts Apple’s plans on a variety of occasions, allegedly published the rumor.

It was reported by more reliable sources that some time in the second half of this year, the new machines wouldn’t be launched in June.

New MacBook Pro 2021

Analysts at Morgan Stanley and Wedbush have also suggested new Apple silicon Macs would be introduced at WWDC. It’s unclear what will happen, however, considering that for a while, customers won’t be able to purchase a redesigned MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro models in Apple’s new lineup will mark the utmost radical changes since 2016. Apple has reintroduced the MagSafe port with the new MacBook Pro models, as well as added an HDMI port and SD Card reader, along with Thunderbolt/USB-C ports.

It is expected that Apple will redesign its thermal system to support the upgraded Apple silicon chips included in the new computers in place of the Touch Bar. In addition, more colors can be added.

Silicone updates for Apple

Although new MacBook Pro models are unlikely to be announced at WWDC, we may learn about Apple’s next-generation silicon chip.

According to Apple, new MacBook Pro models will be powered by 10-core Apple chips. According to reports, the chips will feature two highly efficient cores and eight high-performance cores, as well as 16 or 32 GB of RAM and a GPU with 16 cores.

M2 New Chip

We can expect even better chips in the future. Mac Pro will have up to 40 computing cores in the near future, which will have eight or four high-performance processors, as well as sixteen or 32 cores for high efficiency.

Additionally, 64 or 128-core GPUs are expected to be included, and those on the top of the line will be considerably faster than Apple’s current graphics chips from NVIDIA and AMD.

It was during this transition period that Apple announced its new silicon chips last year. WWDC will not provide Apple’s silicon information this year, so we won’t know.

iOS and iPadOS 15

Early versions of iOS have leaked several times, giving us a good sense of what’s to come from the next-generation program for the iPhone operating system, but things didn’t work out this year. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has given a few hints about what to expect from iOS 15 and iPadOS 15.

Notification Updates

‌You can set notification preferences according to your status for iPhone and iPad users. In other words, you might choose to have your iPhone send notifications with sound when you’re awake, while you might disable the sound when you’re sleeping.

A feature for customizing incoming notification categories will be available. Users will also have the option to set automatic responses to notifications that are categorized as driving, working, or sleeping. In the Control Center and on the Lock Screen, you will find menu options for selecting a mode.

iMessage Changes

It is unknown what new features Apple will add to iMessage to make it more competitive with WhatsApp and other messaging apps.

The iOS 14 update did not include features like unread message marking, group chat typing indicators, or retraction of sent messages, which were all tested last year. There is a possibility that some of these features make their way into the iOS 15 update.

Privacy Enhancements

Apple will add a menu to the App Store that will display which apps collect data silently.

Food Tracking

It is not clear how expansive Apple’s new food tracking function will be, but rumors indicate that Apple plans to put it in the Health app. 

It could  be a built-in database that allows users to track their food consumption, including nutritional information and calories, or it could be something more basic where users manually input data.

Interface Updates

Apple is expected to use inset cells on the Settings app’s navigation bar and merge the navigation bars in iOS 15. Other areas of the operating system could also be affected by these changes.

As well as tweaking the colors used by Dark Mode on the iPhone, Apple is said to be working on some other improvements.

New iPad Home Screen

Widgets will be available for placement from any place on the iPad’s  Home Screen. As an alternative to an app grid, the iPad allows widgets instead of an app grid.

Accessibility Updates

It is likely that Apple will release new Accessibility features in iOS 15 that will include Background Sounds. Background Sounds are soothing sounds that will allow users to drown out unwanted noises such as rain, the ocean, and white noise.

With Apple Watch’s AssistiveTouch feature, it will be possible to use the device without touching its display or controls. By detecting different muscle movements and tendon activity, Apple Watch will detect subtle differences in heart rate and detect subtle changes in fitness levels. Cursor movements can be controlled by using hand gestures, such as pinching or clenching.

In addition to eye-tracking on tablets, improvements to Memoji, and mobile devices, Apple is working on a more inclusive version of the MFi hearing aid.

Other New Features

On the Friday before WWDC, Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal said she heard Apple would be improving Safari, iMessage, Maps, and Health, but she did not provide further details.

MacOS 12

The next version of Mac’s operating system, macOS 12, is even less known than iOS 15. However, MacOS 12 is likely to be the name given to it. Apple stayed with macOS 10.x for a long time, but with the launch of macOS Big Sur, Apple switched to macOS 11. The next-generation version of macOS will be macOS 12, as we have already had updates for macOS 11.

IOS14 Beta Version for iPhones

A California landmark will also be given to the operating system by Apple. Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur are just some of the landmarks Apple has named since 2013.

Mammoth, Monterey, and Skyline have all been trademarked by Apple; however, there is no word on what Apple will use for macOS 12. Apple has used a number of names without trademarking them, so trademarks aren’t the best guide to names.

WatchOS 8

As of now, Apple has not announced what may be included in WatchOS 8, its next version. Expected features of Apple’s iOS will naturally be extended to WatchOS in addition to notification updates, although we don’t know what else will be coming.

TvOS 15

We haven’t heard anything about tvOS 15, either, but new versions of tvOS always accompany new releases of iOS.


A job posting published by Apple during the weeks leading up to WWDC referred to “homeOS” incorrectly as an operating system, before Apple later removed it.

Considering tvOS is the operating system that runs on both the Apple TV and HomePod, it is possible that homeOS will be changed to tvOS. In addition, Apple could have stumbled upon the “homeOS” mention by accident.

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