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VTech’s Latest kid’s instant camera can print Photos for only a penny

vTech Kids Camera

Digital cameras for children have been around for a while, but instant cameras for young people can print photos on the spot, but the actual number is not large. The available adult models are always a bit chunky for small hands, and too delicate for things that might fall. But the biggest obstacle? cost.

After all, kids will take a lot of silly photos with their new toys, and you don’t have to pay $0.75 for each shot of the feet or dog’s ass. VTech’s new instant camera eliminates the last pain point by reducing the cost of each photo to a penny, so your child can take as many photos as needed in his nose.

KidiZoom PrintCam has a blue color, is about 6 inches wide and 2 inches thick. Therefore, it is not very compact and easy to carry, but for the target audience of children four years and older, it will be easy to hold, especially if the right hand has a thick grip.

vTech Kids Camera
VTech Kids Camera

Taking photos is very easy: just point the lens and press the shutter to print the photos on thermal paper in about 30 seconds. The lens can even be flipped for selfies, and the camera is equipped with filters and frames for retouching the image. For archival purposes, the digital copy can be transferred to a computer via USB.

With the reserve price so high, the biggest question is: Are these photos good? Well, they are black and white and a bit grainy. But in terms of fidelity, they are not bad and have a lot of details.

The Polaroid is not perfect, but it is higher than the one obtained with the Game Boy Camera twenty years ago. But, to be honest, this is not for archival purposes, but a toy.

Your kids will like to take photos and put them everywhere or distribute them to relatives the next time your extended family gets together.

The price of this camera is US$75, which seems a bit high, but it is only one cent per photo, so hopefully, your daily expenses are negligible. The camera and its photo paper will be used up in summer.

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