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Volkswagen plans to stop selling combustion engine cars by 2035 in Europe


According to a Volkswagen board member (via Reuters), the company will stop selling combustion engines in Europe by 2035.

According to Klaus Zellmer, Volkswagen‘s board member for sales, the company will “phase out the sale of internal combustion engines in Europe between 2033 and 2035.” However, he said, the process of stopping combustion engines will take longer in the United States, China, and in South America and Africa, where “it will be a good deal longer.”

Within the next ten years, Volkswagen will stop selling cars with combustion engines in Europe

By 2050, Zelmer said, the automaker would have carbon neutralized its entire fleet. His company will have 70 percent of its sales in Europe from electric vehicles by 2030.


Volkswagen’s carbon-neutral goals are on par with those of several competitors, as Ford has announced it will only sell electric cars in Europe by 2030, and plans to spend $1 billion to install an EV production line in its Cologne factory. Honda announced in April that it would phase out gas-powered cars by 2040.

Norway, France, and the UK are all planning to ban gas-powered vehicles by 2025, and Norway aims to do so between 2025 and 2040. In the United States, California plans to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2035, and other states plan to follow California’s lead.

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