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Valve’s new verification program lets you determine whether a game runs on Steam Deck


Steam Deck will be released in December, and Valve has already created a compatibility program it will use to tell users whether their games will run on the portable PC.

According to Deck Verified, there are four categories of games: “Verified,” “Playable,” “Unsupported,” and “Unknown.”

It means that a game will work perfectly out of the box if you see the first badge. Valve says you might need to tweak the playable category.

Verifying whether Steam Deck is compatible with a game is made easy with the new verification program from Valve

It might be necessary to download a community controller configuration for a game like Team Fortress 2 before you can use the Steam Deck‘s thumbsticks and face buttons.

Half-Life: Alyx is listed as one of the experiences that won’t work on Steam Deck, suggesting that the unsupported category will mostly be occupied by VR games.

As a final note, games with unknown tags have not been tested for compatibility yet by the company.

A game needs to meet four criteria in order to earn verified status. In the first place, the onscreen keyboard should be available when needed, and full controller support must be included. Secondly, you should not see any compatibility warnings.

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As a result, the game should also support the Steam Deck’s native resolution of 1,280 by 800, and text should be readable. The compatibility layer should work with everything, including anti-cheat software, if the title is playable through Proton.

The badges will be visible in both your Steam library and the Steam store, making things easy for you. You will also see a compatibility report every time you buy a game that lists any problems to expect when you play it.

During the month of December, Valve will develop a system that will allow you to see what compatibility category each game in your library belongs to. 

The system should at the very least guide buyers towards deciding whether to acquire a Steam Deck. Spending $400 on a new gadget and not being able to play your favorite games is not what anyone wants.  

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