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Users of Spotify can finally download music on Apple Watch


Spotify finally lives up to its potential on its Apple Watch. The streaming music service has updated its Apple Watch app with the ability to download songs on your wrist, giving you perfect offline playback without the need for your iPhone. You can go for a run with a favorite playlist in hand.

You can download songs or podcasts by finding them on the Apple Watch, tapping on the three-dots button, and choosing “Download to Apple Watch”. You can verify progress in the download section, and any downloaded track will have a green arrow next to its name.

The update is part of a broader update to the Apple Watch app that should reach people around the world in the coming weeks. Spotify noted that this was the “first iteration” of the feature and wanted feedback.

Image: Spotify (Reddit)

It has been a long time since the facility arrived. Spotify first became serious about the Apple Watch app when it hired developer Andrew Chang in 2017, but the first iteration of its official app was limited to remote control.

A later update enabled direct streaming, but it was only useful as long as you had a cellular or WiFi connection. This puts Spotify largely on par with Apple Music – you don’t need to switch services to get access to only your music all the time.

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