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iCloud for Windows

Users of iCloud for Windows 10 can now manage their iCloud passwords

iCloud for Windows 12.5 includes a new iCloud Keychain password manager app for Windows users, the latest update from Apple.

Microsoft Windows users can now manage their iCloud Keychain passwords and add, edit, copy, paste, delete, or look up usernames and passwords using the new password management option. iCloud for Windows was updated in January and hinted at the new password app, but Apple didn’t implement it until now.

Windows Chrome and Microsoft Edge extensions automate iCloud password filling on a Windows machine, working together with the password feature. Whenever you create a username or password for a website, Passwords automatically adds it to the app.

You can now manage your iCloud passwords with iCloud for Windows

Apple’s documentation explains the steps you need to take to manage iCloud Passwords through the new application, but it’s fairly simple. It is accessible from the Start menu, and you can change any of your passwords from there. Apple devices will be updated with those changes.

Users of Windows will be able to access and manage their iCloud passwords with this new password manager app, which is included with this update. iCloud Keychain allows users to easily add, edit, copy, paste, delete, or look up any usernames or passwords they have saved.

  • With the new iCloud Passwords app, you can manage your saved passwords from your Windows PC
  • The iCloud password extension allows you to sync your passwords across devices and the PC

It is possible for users to update their photos across all devices, including their PCs, with this app. With the iCloud Passwords Extension in Edge, you can sync your passwords across your devices and PCs. You can also create Shared Albums and invite others to contribute their photos, videos, and comments.

iCloud for Windows

iCloud for Windows can only be installed on Windows 10 versions 18362.145 or later.

iCloud for Windows includes the following features:

  • iCloud Photos
  • iCloud Drive
  • iCloud Passwords
  • iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Bookmarks

Apple introduced iCloud Passwords support for Windows earlier this year. It was announced in January that an iCloud update for Windows would add support for a Chrome extension that would allow you to use and add passwords directly to your iCloud Keychain. This extension had a very rocky rollout, but eventually became available in an almost-working state to users.

iCloud Passwords is still part of iCloud for Windows 12.5’s password management system, and it now supports an Edge extension as well (although Chrome extensions should work with Edge, it appears that this wasn’t the case for iCloud Passwords).

If you use Windows and Macs (or an iPhone and a Mac), you can now use iCloud to sync your passwords much more easily. By having access to your saved password list and being able to search through it, you will have greater flexibility than with the browser extension, and the ability to manage your passwords means you’ll no longer have to use an Apple device to modify your login information.

Even if it’s not as fully-fledged as a password manager (or, in fact, Keychain Access for Mac), the new app is certainly a step up from what Windows users had in the past with iCloud Passwords management.

It’s now possible to download the 12.5 update to iCloud for Windows from the Windows Store if you search for updates in the store. In order to use the password manager, you will need to enable iCloud Password syncing in iCloud Settings first, but this process is relatively simple.

The process of obtaining a security code requires both an Apple account with two-factor authentication and an Apple device with OS 11 or later. You’ll also need to set up Windows Hello – but if your computer doesn’t have biometric authentication, you can use a PIN instead.

Passwords in iCloud for Windows are part of version 12.5, available in the Microsoft Store for Windows users. Microsoft Windows users can access their iCloud files, photos, and emails using the iCloud for Windows application.

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