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Union says Amazon intervened in Alabama warehouse voting

Amazon baseread

Thanks to a surprising one-sided vote, Amazon defeated the union’s efforts at the Bessemer fulfillment center in Alabama; Nearly two-thirds of employees chose not to join Retail and Wholesale on April 9. And the department store union.

According to the list of objections presented to the National Labor Relations Commission late last Friday, the union believes that Amazon won the vote because it “interfered” with the right of its employees to vote in free and fair elections; RWDSU President Stuart Appelbaum in a statement. said: “This sport has shown that the best way for workers to protect themselves and their families is to come together. This is a sport.” However, Amazon’s behavior during elections cannot be ignored, and our union will seek remedial action to address all misconduct taken by Amazon “.”

Amazon baseread

RWDSU made a total of 23 objections, including Amazon installed a ballot box in the employee parking lot without authorization from the NLRB regional director, and the ballot box created a “surveillance impression” on Amazon’s security cameras. It seems to be “recording the identity of voting employees.”

The union’s arguments also go far beyond the scope of the logistics of voting: Amazon allegedly claimed that voting in the union would result in loss of benefits or wages, and allegedly withdrew it from employees who attended the meeting, the latter commented on the information provided. They were raised. (RWDSU’s full list of objections can be found here in PDF format.)

The complaint said: “Therefore, these objections constitute a reason to archive the election.”

For now, at least, the decision is left to the NLRB regional director, and RWDSU has asked the regional director to arrange a hearing on the matter. It’s worth noting that the director’s decision is almost certainly not final, because the union and Amazon itself have the ability to appeal directly to the NLRB board of directors.

From there, the board can confirm the voting results, ask for a new round of voting, or, as CNBC stated, if it considers Amazon’s behavior to be “extremely bad,” force Amazon to negotiate with the union.

The NLRB and Amazon did not comment on RWDSU’s objections today, but an Amazon spokesperson wrote in a blog post immediately after the vote, “Not true.” Our employees have heard far more anti-Amazon reports from unions, lawmakers, and the media than we have ever heard. “This may be true, but it’s easy to see if what Alabama workers hear about Amazon is union failure.

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