Uber is reportedly in talks to sell its autonomous driving unit

After years of development and some shocking events, the next step for Uber’s autonomous driving division may be to sell.

As first reported by TechCrunch and later Reuters, anonymous sources said that Uber is negotiating with the autopilot technology startup Aurora to sell, and discussions have been going on since October.

Last year, Toyota, SoftBank, and Denso jointly invested US$1 billion in Uber ATG. The deal valued the spin-off of the autonomous driving business at US$7.25 billion.


At the same time, the smaller Aurora received investment from Amazon and made a deal with Hyundai Motor, but it also lost a deal with Volkswagen last year, and the former Google Chris Urmson (Chris Urmson) and others Big-name companies are also among them.

The history of Uber ATG has proven the risks and uncertainties of developing autonomous driving technology, including the death of a pedestrian and his former autonomous driving lead sentenced to 18 months in prison for stealing technology from his former employer Waymo. Both companies declined to comment on this report.

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