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Uber finally recognizes UK Drivers Union in landmark agreement

Arrival and Uber

Uber has finally recognized a union of its own drivers. Permit yourself that single moment of elation before we get to the remainder of the details.

GMB trades union within the United Kingdom Northern Ireland|kingdom. It’s not managed to clinch union recognition from the jaws of the magnificently labor-hostile app company nowadays.

As the Guardian reported, “GMB will have access to drivers’ meeting hubs. It will also be able to represent drivers if they lose access to the Uber app, and it will meet quarterly with management to discuss driver problems and considerations.”

It is unclear whether this arrangement is as close to traditional union illustration as we envision it in the US, or if it resembles the independent Drivers association — an out-of-doors support group in NY that meets with Uber and an organization.

The association has been widely criticized because of working for Uber, the driving force won’t be automatically enrolled within the union. This can be an arrangement that we are going to seek advice from as associate “open shop” on this side of the Atlantic, and the company is nearly assured of taking advantage of it for its own profit.

Arrival and Uber
Arrival and Uber


Drivers within the United Kingdom recently — through the courts — have the right to be considered Uber “workers”, a class distinct from “employees”, but that still offer basic employment advantages like minimum wages and pensions.

However, this call didn’t apply to the couriers of the Uber eats food delivery aspect, nor did the new union agreement cowl them. Since then, this new agreement leaves associate estimated 30,000 Uber laborers in the cold.

GMB has without doubt created history here, however Uber’s track record gives viewers each reason to doubt the effectiveness of this new union.

For instance, Quebec in 2017 — the corporate includes a habit of threatening to move out of places that fail to supply legal favors.

It’s also engaged in efforts to rewrite labor law within the US to suit its business interests, successfully reversing California law through a ballot proposal throughout the 2020 election that values the corporate — fellow travelers, Lyft, along with DoorDash and Postmates estimated $200 million. Since then, drivers within the state have seen their salaries fall even more.

Further, combining matters, compounding the parties serving to United Kingdom drivers win employee status — the App Drivers and courier Union — refused to sign a similar deal for recognition, claiming during a statement that it believed Is that “close organization engagement with Uber management is often a welcome development, but there’s smart reason for staff and their unions to be vigilant.”

The group cited Uber’s continuing hostility towards employees, in and out of court, within the United Kingdom and therefore the United States.

The ADCU wrote, “For United States compliance with the legal minimum ought to be the purpose of departure for any union agreement with Uber.”

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