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It appears that Twitter will soon offer paid ‘Super Follows’


There is a chance that Twitter will be able to offer its “Super Follows” for a fee. A new discovery made by code sleuth Jane Manchun Wong suggests Twitter’s Patreon-like subscription plan is close to being ready.

It would be possible for creators to apply for and manage their Super Follow status through defining categories (such as “adult-only” and “reality TV”) and platforms they already use to share content, such as OnlyFans and Twitch.

It’s also possible that the findings may explain just how you’d qualify for Super  Follows. Creators who apply for the feature must have at least 10,000 followers, be at least 18 years old, and have posted 25 times in the past 30  days. It’s not easy to bring in new audiences when you lack an established audience.


A Twitter declined to comment.

The launch of Super Follows would not be surprising. Since the start of the year, Facebook has released a variety of paid features, including subscriptions to Blue and Tip Jar.

Twitter‘s Super Follows feature would complement those offerings, and would be one of the most important additions, since it would let social media stars charge for content while boosting Twitter’s revenue.

Twitter will soon offer paid ‘Super Follows’
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