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Twitter users on Android can now join Clubhouse-like Spaces on the platform

The company said in a tweet released on Tuesday that Twitter has opened its audio chat room Spaces to Android users.

Twitter launched a limited edition of its Clubhouse competitor on iOS in January. Although any user of Twitter’s iOS app can join and listen to Spaces, currently only a few people can host them.

Twitter said it is making Spaces “a small feedback group” where women and other marginalized people will be given priority. Now, users of Twitter’s Android app can also join and listen to Spaces.

The announcement did not mention when Android users can host Spaces; it seems that Android users can speak and listen to conversations in Spaces, but they cannot host their own chat rooms for the time being.

A Twitter spokesperson said that both Android and iOS users will be able to launch and listen to Spaces “soon.”

In the past few months, Twitter has expanded its scope of experimentation to voice-based features. In addition to launching Spaces in the Beta version, it also introduced audio tweets to a limited group of people on iOS last June, allowing users to record and send audio messages up to 140 seconds long, which is the same as the initial 140-character tweet. Text tribute. It also introduced support for voice-based direct messaging for iOS and Android apps in India last month.

Twitter has been criticized for failing to provide subtitles for audio messages for its deaf and hard of hearing users, but it said it would add automatic subtitles for audio and video in tweets sometime this year.

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