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Twitter users may soon be able to send and receive voice messages DMs

Twitter Baseread

Twitter users may soon be able to send and receive voice messages DMs

For a moment, a conversation with your best friend circulated in a DMs message on Twitter, and you laughed so hard that you could not tap on your smartphone screen to express your true emotions.

Well, Twitter seems to be considering more ways to allow people to express themselves. Now, Twitter will add a very useful feature to its already impressive library of communication-centric functions.

Twitter Baseread

The Verge reports that users of the social media giant will soon be able to send voice DMs.

Now that audio tweets have been launched to iOS users, Twitter seems to be experimenting with the possibility of users recording and sending voice messages in DMs.

The interface of voice messages is simple, just like voice tweets. There is a play/pause button, and the sender’s avatar will jump when the message is played. Also, if someone abuses the voice DMs, there is a “report message” option.

After Twitter faced a review of the lack of accessibility of audio tweets, current design director Dantley Davis stated that the company now has a full-time accessibility team that will work in product development.

Davis said that in this way, the company will ensure that accessibility is considered when conceptualizing new features.

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