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Twitter updates the direct message feature


Twitter on Thursday announced several updates to the direct message feature. Users will get the updates over the next couple of weeks. It is now possible to send separate direct messages to a group of people, because, how often has someone accidentally created a group chat that way?

 Now, if you think the tweet is hot enough to share with that many individuals at once, you can share it in up to 20 separate DM conversations.

The Company is bringing the feature to Android users “soon,” but will be coming first to iOS and web.


Twitter has changed iOS DM timestamps; instead of stamping every message with the time and date, each message will now be grouped by day. According to Company, this will cut down on “timestamp clutter.”

Apple’s iOS users can soon find the “add reaction” buttons not only by double-tapping, but also by long pressing.

Users of Android will need to wait for those two last features, although there will be the ability to quick-scroll through DM conversations and go directly to the most recent message using the down-arrow button.

Recent updates to company include a new process to report COVID misinformation, an update to its API to allow other apps to access its audio chats and a new font. 

Besides the new DM features introduced Thursday, Company announced it was also testing a way for users to subscribe directly to Twitter users’ Revue newsletters. Initially, that will be available to web and Android users.

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