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Twitter may also bid for TikTok’s North American business

It seems that Microsoft may not be the only American company interested in merging into China’s TikTok business, at least in that part of the world. According to the report, Twitter is also in talks with owner Bytedance.

They are considering a potential merger because the US government is still determined to get rid of popular apps because it is regarded as the Chinese government. In the end, the person who buys TikTok will have 45 days to complete the negotiation.

If you have been living under the raging pandemic, one of the other major events of the past few weeks is that US President Donald Trump wants to withdraw TikTok from the US market.

He has signed an executive order that will ban the sale of the app in the United States within 45 days. The only thing that can “save” this video sharing app is if an American company acquires it, or at least it’s North American business.

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Microsoft has publicly stated that they are in talks with Bytedance to obtain its TikTok business in the United States, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

But according to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter appears to be also negotiating with the Chinese company about its potential merger in the United States.

However, if social media services take this seriously, they may need more investors, because TikTok’s valuation is between $1.550 billion and Twitter’s market value is $29 billion.

According to reports, ByteDance may have any negotiations with Microsoft and Twitter or between them, and they are reportedly still suing Trump.

They claimed that they did not follow due process, that all the allegations against them were security risks, and that they had colluded with the Chinese government and could not be proved in court.

he executive order has been accepted by many technology leaders, including Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Now, if Twitter can successfully acquire TikTok’s American business, the irony to some people will not be lost. If you remember, they stopped their short video streaming service Vine even though it had already gained successful attention and user base.

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