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Twitter makes it easier to reference spaces in other apps

According to Twitter, the company updated its API v2 to let developers access space’s social audio rooms, which could facilitate sharing information outside the Twitter application.

Twitter has been rapidly improving Spaces, but before now, you could only use them from within the company’s own apps. According to Twitter, “all developers using the new Twitter API v2 will be able to look up live or scheduled Spaces using criteria such as Spaces ID, user ID, or keyword” as of Wednesday. It sounds like a developer may be able to use that information to send you to a Space within their own program.

There’s no indication here that developers can offer listen-in and attend capabilities in their apps – it seems that attending Spaces will only be available via Twitter.

Twitter‘s API v2 launched in August, with a revised API which includes the new features. Despite this limitation, some developers may find the new features attractive.

Developers have been unable to build upon Twitter in order to integrate it into services and apps for some time now, but Twitter’s ongoing updates to API v2 seem to indicate that this is changing.

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