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Twitter is developing more detailed misinformation warnings

Twitter baseread

The most powerful person in the world once had to be banned from Twitter because of its fight against misinformation. During the pandemic, it’s expanding its label since fraud and misinterpretation are eternal concerns.

Soon, you’ll see three types of warning labels beneath relevant tweets, all of which provide more context to help you swindle or decode jargon.

You can now choose from “Get the latest,” “Stay informed,” and “Misleading” alerts, complete with  “Learn more” links. It would be better to take them to a curated moment on Twitter or an external web page with more facts on the topic if their label is similar to COVID-19’s.

Social media legend Jane Manchun Wong – who recently revealed the Twitter Blue subscription service – spotted the in-development feature.

The app’s researcher also confirmed that his tongue-in-cheek tweet featuring the new labels uses Twitter’s “Chirp” font.

This new typeface is part of the company’s ongoing branding efforts, featuring a blend of American Gothic and European Grotesque styles, aiming for an “edgy but messy look”. It seems different somehow.

Twitter baseread

As part of its never-ending effort to keep misinformation at bay, Twitter has previously utilized public service announcements to combat voter fraud.

In a move that prompted a backlash from Trump supporters and free speech champions, the group eventually clashed with then-president Donald Trump during its campaign.

Tweets can be fact-checked by a handful of users with Twitter’s Birdwatch feature, announced in January.

Tweets were originally posted on a dedicated website, but Twitter said it plans to include them once a broad consensus has been reached.

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